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Friday, 16 March 2018

N e w | buy great affordable Hijabs with a discount code! Hiddenpearls

Salaam all, I wanted to share a quick review and discount code with you guys! So I recently received some lovely scarfs from | Also on Instagram.

They have a fairly large variety of scarves and everything is very affordable, they have great day time all round hijab's available in many colours and fabrics but also a lovely range of 'silk' style scarves which I actually got in a lovely deep gold shade - they feel so luxe on - great way to dress up an outfit on an evening at a great price.

The website is great because everything has its own category - so if your looking for a printed, shimmer, lace crinkled..You will find it right away! And you know the popular chiffon hijab's that everyone can find so many colours here, they are great for weddings and events.

They also stock a range of children's hijab's and pins if you need those!

I am all about supporting genuine brands who are trying to build and the fact that nothing is overpriced here makes it so much easier for me to recommend it to all my lovely readers and friends! Check them out show them some love and update your new season with a few to your taste..

Discount code to use: GET15

Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Doing Umrah with children - small tips & experience.

I have got round to publishing this post at last, I had been writing up and I am happy to share these tips with you all. Insha'Allah they will be helpful!  

Firstly here is a step by step guide - just print it and keep it with you:

So we had been planning to go for Umrah as a family and finally planned our trip to go ahead. It was Myself, my husband our little 2 and half year old, MIL and uncle who already actually lives in Saudi. We got our visa's sorted which you have to get beforehand and we did this through an agency which are easy to find - there are many around. 

You also have to get the correct vaccinations and without these you actually cannot get the visa! which is probably a good we got the vaccinations got the visa's booked, our flights to Jeddah sorted and off we were.

Before you perform Umrah you have to be in the state of Ihram even before you arrive in the holy city of Mecca, it has to be done before the boundary line known as Miqaat (You can find out in detail online how to get into Ihram and remain in that state) but for short it's a state of purity men will change into the white cloth that you have probably seen, it wraps around their body's and women can just change into there normal clothing (abaya) and just follow the rulings and make the intention.

Our flight was stopping over in Kuwait so we had decided to get into the state of Ihram once we had landed there and kept all of our clothing and necessities in a hand luggage bag with us. Some people do this on the airplane just before the the boundary line (which is usually announced) but there will be a lot of other people doing this so it's better to do it either earlier on in the flight or before you get on one. We had decided to stop of in Kuwait so we could change into our Ihram easily and in comfort but we ended up having severe delays getting from Kuwait to Jeddah so was in our Ihram state for a pretty long time and super tired by the time we caught our flight - but remained positive because we knew what we had to look forward to.

Once we was in the state of Ihram you cannot do certain things so a certian things are limited (even soap) so make sure to carry non - alcohol containing soap with you. (You can find a list of can's and can't)

We landed in Jeddah airport early in the morning and overall the airport is in a good state and they seem pretty organised, Just be patient and keep snacks for the little one and their favourite toy with you - If you have very small children make sure to take a pushchair the airline can keep this at the front of the airplane for you so you don't have to check it in - as soon as you are getting off they can hand it over, which makes things so much easier with little ones.

We waited for our luggage and the toilets in the airport I have to advise ladies can be very wet! So I would advise wearing a good sandal or trainer overall for the journey, nothing like a fabric shoe or espadrille - and just think comfort! We got something to eat and then had a nap just till after mid day then made our way straight to Mecca by car, (I am guessing a lot of people may travel to Makkah straight away from this point, but we had a place to stay in Jeddah and left some luggage we didn't need and only took some handbags with us and this way we got to nap as we were exhausted, you could do this once you get to your hotel - I would advise get a little bit of rest especially if you have delays like us. The journey was roughly an hour from Jeddah to Makkah and not that bad at all..on the way you should say the Talbiyah for ‘Umrah, saying: “Labbayk Allaahumma ‘Umratan. Labbayka Allaahumma labbayk, labbayka laa shareeka laka labbayk. Inna al-hamda wa’n-ni‘mata laka wa’l-mulk, laa shareeka lak.

(Just print of and refer to the step by step above that I shared if you need reminding of steps, its really helpful)

On Arrival to Mecca you will see the sign and the gates that you enter, the holy historic mountains you pass - the hustle and bustle and we felt at ease but just wanted to make our way to the ka'bah. We got to our hotel dropped of our bags. Be alert that as soon as you see the ka'bah you will want to make dua and some hotels will have a direct view of the ka'bah from the window so just don't open the shutters before you have performed umrah and had the chance to walk down to it directly.

We all walked down and decided after contemplating to take the pushchair with us as we knew her little legs wouldn't be able to walk that much  - we had a lightweight silvercross as its so easy to fold and travel with. - Bad idea though, as you cannot take it my advise would be not to take it! I will explain why.. 


- super light string bag (backpack type) for your flip flops.

- Small bottle of water which can be filled with zamzam after.
- Light small Snacks for the little one a spare nappy - Especially if you have babies or toddlers.

(Try not to carry to many things or huge bulging backpacks as you will find it really hard to munovier around)

As soon as we walked up to the Masijid al-haram there were so many many worshippers walking up I felt a rush, I was excited, emotional, calm all at the same time and I was so ready for this experience! We set foot onto the first bit of white marble and that was the realisation for me that we had made it to the most holiest destinations on earth...The whiter than white surrounding represents the purity of the place with so many brothers and sisters from every corner of the world around you, you feel a wind of calm come over you even within the presence of thousands. 

We got to the gates to which is the main entrance into the actual ka'bah and the masjid and - Now explained - you are actually not allowed to take the push chair inside. The security will not allow it and they are extremely strict and will not let things just pass, so we asked if we could leave it outside as we saw a couple others lined up he said it was up to us so thats what we did. However your pushchair will be swept away by the cleaners - i'm not lying - they just leave it at the hotel.. 

POINTER: You can hire a wheelchair which they have ready and available for kids and adults in need to complete your worship. I would recommend this if you have more that one child with you and cannot carry them..Even if you have one child and don't have another adult with take turns in carrying. Just remember you will be walking alot.

Make sure to have your lightweight string backpack ready for your flip-flops as there is no place to leave them here and they will get thrown in the bin by the cleaners here as they come by and sweep up everything on the floor.. 

The little one was fully awake and pretty calm and we decided to let her walk in with us to experience this really special moment. On entrance we walked down the marble steps slowly and I kept my eyes down to the ground so the I wasn't to catch a glimpse of the ka'bah until I was totally ready. 

As soon as I looked up there it was the ka'bah, I felt a gush of emotion, so much so that I felt tears coming through and at the same time I felt the most calm I had felt in a long time. Amongst all these worshippers with the same goal from all different backgrounds we stood there just looking up and making Dua and it is a truly amazing feeling and you will be thankful for this moment..

nothing else mattered at this point and you forget anything you have ever worried about and anything you do have to worry about will come out in Dua..Allow yourself to submit fully, devote yourself to this moment and Allah's love. This is the time that you can ask for anything your heart needs and be thankful for everything you perhaps didn't beforehand think about.

We set of to start our tawaf which is going round the Ka'bah 7 times in total, as you go round with joy and devotion you say out loudly supplements that you can learn and also you will hear other saying out loud as you go round. We started on the outer circle but went in a little more slowly - it is very squashed and as you get closer to the ka'bah it is literally mm space the husband carried the little one round as it is impossible for a child to walk round with so many people - you can take a wheel chair and go up onto one of the floors but we really wanted to experience it this way. 

Remember be patient when doing tawaf you may be pushed, there may be squashing going on but you must remain calm - your deeds good or bad are multiplied 100'000 times here and this test of your patience and behaviour really matters. Be kind and just remember why you are here and what our Prophet (PBUH) considered good character.

Once we had finished the tawaf you just feel super liberated it's like nothing I had experienced, we had a drink of zam zam water which is available, you will see signs for Zam zam water all around. we the set of to do safaa & marwa which you must complete in order to complete your umrah you walk (parts men run) up and down Mount Safa and Mount Marwa they're not actual mountains now..but you will get the sense. (Refer to the guide I linked to get all the information you need) in the midst of our walk up we had to hire a wheel chair (which was easy to get) as my MIL wasn't feeling to well I think she just got a bit too hot but was absolutely fine after, she held the little one on her lap which was much easier as my husbands arms were getting really tired and there was no way her little legs could walk -  my husbands uncle pushed them up and down. I can still remember I actually felt amazing..I just couldn't believe I was here and I wanted to take in every moment..and the little one found her dad doing the short run that the men have to do rather entertaining and joined in a couple of times..and even started reminding him..

On completion of our Umrah we stood there took it all in and we all had huge smiles on our face, the little was was fully awake and we had gone through a big purifying experience and defiantly a life changing one..We stayed in Makkah for 4 days and prayed every Salah in front of the ka'bah the most blessed feeling I have ever felt in my life - I still yearn for that feeling may Allah make it easy for us. I even got to touch the ka'bah - you can smell the ka'bah even from a far the beautiful scent it gives off - I think it was on the third day, we left the little one with here nanny and got through the crowds..I cried.., I stood there for what felt like a long time in my mind but was less than a couple of minutes if not just one and made Dua from my heart. Your heart and soul which is the thing that needs nourishing most, and this is what coming here does. 

If you're going to do Umrah then Insha'Allah it is accepted for you may your Dua's be heard.

I can do another post on Makkah and the experience of the city and my days there and of madinah on another post Insha'Allah, if you would all like!

Yasmin x

Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Self talk | Image and mind.

While I sit here sipping my tea, my mind wonder's about many girls I have spoken to or heard from recently via social media that have faced some sort of negative self thoughts and I ask myself, what can we really do to change this? I recently read a article about "How to avoid negative self talk" when in certain situations in your daily life and it has inspired me to write about it - particularly take on  the ''mind'' and ''image'' for my first post back. I am a big believer the way you talk to yourself, describe yourself and think about yourself can either make you or break you mentally as a person. In this post I will be talking about self image and mental social battles that sometimes can be overlooked so easily especially when you're the one doing it to yourself.
In general the society we live in does not make this easy for us! Especially the "selfie century" as we call media playing a huge part I believe, the time is here where now we don't only look at people on TV, magazines or do you remember back when we would tear out those posters from the likes of Sugar magazine and put them up in our room or glue them in our notebook? - and say like ''wow I want to do my hair like that''..or ''She's really pretty'' then usually as a teen just go out and have actual human interaction and most of the time not even remember the perfected poster? Or the adults in our life mostly read magazines and usually saw these images again just on TV and a lot of the time you liked them for what they did - the music, film so there was more than image to talk about...

Now on the other hand forwarding years..We look at the likes of me and you, peer groups, normal everyday people, reality or what we make it..constantly re-forming ourselves to be more perfect alongside with perfected Instagram squares full of totally high spec glossy photos and well it can be really daunting on people and I totally understand why, because these images come at you by the truck load there are 10000's of users on social media sites trying to achieve some sort of level of make believe perfection that they have seen online and there are a lot of people chasing this in the wrong way, forgetting the bigger picture or even how to enjoy the moment. The thing is it's not just a poster on your wall anymore, it's there in your hand for the duration or the time you're awake or login into your apps - you cannot get away from it. You can be inspired be people, say someone is really fit and you want to gain fitness,..or someone was able to grow their hair and you have been wanting to for a while, so go ahead - use the tips..I mean personally that's why I am on social media in the first place to share things /  tips / views and to get something shared in return - but you should never really aspire to be like anyone else or absolutely not put yourself down at the cost of just images that you see, this is really important. Finding yourself through self talk is key - it may be easier said than done so here are a few tips: Tell yourself you're ok and that you can do anything that you want, find your positives and allow yourself to enjoy them (you're allowed), Ask yourself the core problem, what is really effecting you? Now find it....just keep looking, got it? - and now and try and fix it it an ongoing process? or is it something you can change right away.., Remind yourself there is much more to life and that everybody is born with beautiful features and mind including you and it's the way you present yourself, express yourself and carry yourself that makes you who you are. You own those feelings, its your body, your own life..and some self love will do a world of good for you. Making yourself happy and learning to love yourself without feeling like you need to change yourself to fit into what your spending your time viewing.  

Remind yourself that actually truly wanting something or wanting to change something about yourself in any aspect - or well, just doing it because you have seen it are worlds apart and you have to learn to differentiate the two feelings. 

Instead of focusing your energy on any negative thoughts about yourself that may have developed or are occurring, just try to build yourself with strength mentally first to stop this ongoing process. After you feel you are more content think personally about the things you want to maintain about yourself and because you want it - for you. 
Have you ever been in a situation where you're at an event and your friend or someone else just says ''I feel like crap right now'' or ''I don't want to be here, I don't look good'' ''my dress is not right my hairs a mess''..but eventually they end up having such a good time they totally forget about it? Well yes, thats how you need to live each day of you life, of course we have our not so great days, we wouldn't be human otherwise, but just remind yourself each time that this life party of yours is going ahead and still going on and you need to do your thing. Get on with your days and make the most of what you're doing and who you want to spend your time with, learn to look after yourself, to be healthy not perfect. 
Teach yourself that every feature is not only more attractive but increased in self and in the eye's of other's worth with the confidence you build up and allow yourself to be. You have to love yourself for you first before you can teach others to love you for you. Lastly do what you really love to do, things that interest you for the right reasons, take long walks, compliment yourself and learn to accept them from others, have true fun and it's ok to put your feet up and sing silly songs and laugh just because you want to. We are not mad we are living - and that's what you call true self love.

Yasmin x

Monday, 31 July 2017

T r e n c h e d | up

Hi everyone, I hope you have all been well and making the most of the summer where ever you are or the sunshine we have been getting in bursts here in London! It isn't super hot here so we can still get away with wearing a trench on some days here and there, but I don't mind as you may have guessed I loved this piece...This one is a size up so a little more oversized but I do love that look..

Yasmin x

Tuesday, 30 May 2017

T h e | way to modest dress wearing slits.

Salam & hey all, I thought I would share this super quick and easy way to wear slits. I know you're probably thinking it's only slits what advice could you give? But you would be surprised to see how many girls struggle to get a good look when wearing them, you don't have to opt for the basic legging like I will explain. I have heard a lot of girls say they cant wear dresses because of the slits and it can be super annoying not being able to find a dress in a style you like without the slits. You can sew the slits up which is an option, but the problem sometimes you may face is that it doesn't always sit well when sewn up and to be honest with you I feel by leaving the slits open adds a beautiful flare and here's a few tips you can follow to be modest while wearing the slits: 

On this occasion I wore my high slit dress with a tailored tapered trouser, this particular look can worn day or evening if you just remove the top for something else this dress had no sleeves! If you have a beautiful evening dress in satin, silk, or chiffon the last thing you want to do is add a legging for the evening. I would suggest trying different trouser types. Tapered works well for all shapes and depending on the slit height and the look you want to go for you could probably get away with a lot of shapes, it is worth trying them out.

Heres a few shapes of trouser to try:

Tapered trouser which is not slim but fitted enough and goes with everything.

culottes - you could do this type of bottoms as they can look really chic, you can get them in different lengths but most likely you would want one that hits just above the ankle or ankle if you prefer that.

skinny slim fit - which is usually very tapered close to the leg, this type of trouser can look especially good when you have a shorter side slit or a front opening. I tend to add a heel with this..

A wide leg trouser which are super comfy. They are full length and by wearing a heel or wedge can really elongate you. I would advise my shorter ladies to add a heel as with a dress this look could swamp you. 

If you really dislike the feel of trousers and don't wear them much, instead of opting for the legging go for a trouser with a part elasticated waist band - there are so many available and some trousers even come in fabrics that have little stretch in them for extra comfort.

Also look out for different textures this can add a nice style especially if you have a plain dress and want to add a little something, - pleated, satin, crinkled...

colourwise it is really up to you, I would suggest going for a similar colour palette to your dress. So if your wearing a white dress go for creams, metallics, browns, tans....Pink dress? you could go with similar pinks, peaches, whites, creams..

For the day you could even throw on a par of jeans with slit dresses which I personally am a fan of, I love adding distressed jeans or frayed hems that cut at the ankle as they give such a well put together but effortless look...

I hope this post has shed some light and somewhat helped on how to wear slits..

Yasmin x

Saturday, 4 March 2017

L o n g | Burberry trenches and heels.

I can't be the only one who thinks this combo is fab-dididy-dad right? I love the length of this trench and its super cosy and perfect for spring I paired it with some casual knitwear from Zara and my 100mm nude Pigalle's.

Yasmin x

Sunday, 19 February 2017


Delighted isn't even enough to describe the feeling when I was invited to attend the London Modest fashion weekend, I was super duper excited for this first modestwear event. It was held at the iconic Saatchi Gallery over the weekend 18th and 19th Feb hosted by Hauteellan. I had a ticket to attend both days but unfortunately was only able to attend the Sat 18th so I was sure to make the most of it! Luckily I got there quite early and had a real good look around at all the designers and their beautiful collections and got to meet many fab designers personally. I feel Modest fashion has evolved so much over the years and this was confirmed here, I saw more than just abayas and long skirts and this was refreshing to me - Not saying there's anything wrong with that combo as I do love abayas and long skirts and they are fab and modest - but it's not something I would personally wear everyday so it was a nice to see a mixture of clothing and inspirations. I was lucky enough to witness the amazing collections on the Catwalk (Front row) So luckily was able to see the clothing in more detail and get a few good photos. I really loved some of the African inspired designs and the prints were calling me! My phone was dying towards the end I and wasn't able to put up much footage on my Insta stories but some of you may have seen some from the catwalk that I did...overall a great modest fashion event and hopefully more to come in London!

I did get sone snaps, so here they are, hope you like:


Yasmin x

Sunday, 15 January 2017

P a m p e r | your sensitive skin and product tips for redness.

Girls! So if you are following me on Instagram you know the whole story of my super sensitive skin and how I have been getting these reactions from certain products ( Rosacea like ) breakouts and always have to be super careful even with face washes and cleansers I use. I have found anything can trigger it from lack of sleep, heat, makeup up, wrong cleanser type, warm lighting especially studio type. Now with trial and error I have found some products that have helped and also don't react badly with my skin type. And for all those waiting for the big reveal of the Face mask the amazing one that I found it is *Drumroll*.. The Mario Badescu Whitening Mask I am not one to hype about products when they are just ok but this is more than ok - it is great, it's fab! I have seen a difference after two uses and it has helped tremendously with the bad reaction I had over the past couple of days and helped with a little discoloration that I had from a previous spot to reduce it. There are also other masks and products by Mario Badescu so will now definitely look into those to try. After my first use I noticed that my skin was smoother and the redness had reduced, the second use I noticed it had almost banished most of the redness and my skin felt so much fresher, calmer and not so irritated. I would definitely recommend this mask, so if you have troublesome skin do try this one out and see. Here are a few other products that I have used and liked..there are a few more but will maybe do a post soon with more ideas and tips, I would recommend trying brands - khiels, bioderma, cetaphil, Dermalogica (little more pricey), and the ones shown below. I have found these don't irritate my skin and help when I do get one of those days. P.S the black scatter is a cleanser by Lush called Dark angel which is good for a squeaky clean feeling without all the chemicals and skin reacting additives, Natural Aloe vera gel which you can find in most health stores can immediately sooth irritated skin too and it's safe for children.

Yasmin x

Sunday, 15 May 2016

S h a r i n g | Barcelona

Ola, As you may know  - well its been a month now doesn’t feel like that, we went to Barcelona for a get away, I have shared some snaps on Instagram here and there but thought I would post with just a few photos, oh yes I did take a lot of photos but can't share them all ofcourse! 

Also I know its been a while and I have had a few posts that are still unpublished and will get round to working on them soon.. they will be on some tips for summer & outfit ideas so visit back soon..ok?!

Now for this trip update, so we went on Monday morning and arrived back in London Friday afternoon, I packed very carefully and made sure I chose items I could mix up. I ended up taking 2 pairs of culottes in Black and khaki a fitted thick jersey trouser in Black (so comfy) an Ivory waterfall leather jacket and a black fringed leather jacket as well as a few different T-shirts and satin high neck tops for evening wear, and my long shirt from whistles that is great to throw over anything, then added just a couple of other items included accessories, like sunglasses, jewellery and cover ups that went with everything.

The weather was pretty nice it was average round 21 Degrees mid day and was warm most of the time we was there, just about get away with wearing a t-shirt and leather jacket but adding flip flops. 

Food was amazing! And our little Munchkin can be a tad fussy sometimes and we didn't have any problems. Such lovely seafood in so many resturants, We actually went to a lovely seafood restaurant on our second night for our anniversary dinner which was very intimate and the food was fresh and cooked to perfection we ordered a whole sea bass to share (even the little one enjoyed the flavours) and mix seafood paella, we also went to this amazing restaurant on our last night called Balthazaar, which I know they have in London, but was an amazing experience! And the Tapas bars and small street restaurants didn’t let us down, it was lovely to stop off after long walks to have drinks and a few small mixed dishes and our favourite prawns, soup, and bread sitting outside.

I will try and compose a list of names of good places to eat and get some photos for a separate post soon including other cool eat out places in London too.

Things I would recommend would be – worth Visiting:

Catedral de Barcelona
 - such lovely detail in the architecture and amazing to look at and take great photograpahy.

Gothic Corner – which is a part of an old city in Barcelona a lot of the buildings date from the medieval times and the atmosphere is great just so much character, and you can really feel the era of the city, Lovely to take a walk down and spend some time there and grab some good gelato.

The Picasso Museam is worth a visit if you are an vivid art fan like me or not, it has some of Pablo Picasso's work, which has been divided into different periods of his career, you go from room to room viewing some great artwork, and don't forget to look up..the ceilings are beautiful. 

There are loads of other places included various shopping malls and historic and Art locations to go to, you won't be short on things to do and it is very baby and child friendly here.


Oh here are few snaps before I get carried away, and you can check my Insta page for a few more photos! 


Beach restaurant full of seafood!

The details..

This was our drink out here..

Yasmin x

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