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Monday, 30 November 2015

M a m a | Edition, My top tips & Products.

When that time comes of becoming Mama and transitioning from having a whole heap of time for you to literally having nearly 0 you can just fall of the wagon and forget about even the smallest things like your skin your emotions the fact that you haven't painted your chipped nails for like days...ok weeks, because sometimes thats the last further thing on your mind especially if you are a new mum. You are constantly trying to get everything else done that it can take a toll on you.

So here i'm just covering 4 tips and hopefully will do more of these editions in future posts because well hey the more tips the better I guess, I know I do benefit from these reminders once in a while. These may be useful and I would recommend for all Mums, this could also apply to people with a hectic lifestyle overall Mum or not.

Take atleast 10 - 15 mins out of your day to be in peace and quiet, if you are a Mum this can seem impossible but wait until baby is having a nap then turn off the TV have a seat forget about the housework and for those whole 10 minutes just breath and some mild stretches could be beneficial too. You can look up some on the internet you will find heaps! This is a form of meditation and can really help your mind state and mood overall. Afterwards go make yourself a nice cup of Tea and enjoy before you get busy again!


1.Jo Malone - bath oil  2.Champneys - Bath Milk  3.Lush-Bath bombs  4.Burts Bees - Bath Crystals

Have a soak in a nice scented Bubble bath or salt, This does wonders you can do this before bedtime when baby is already asleep or if you can and have the facilities I would even suggest putting a bouncer chair near you in the bathroom and have a soak for as long as you can! Just make sure baby is fed and changed and theres some entertainment such as toys, otherwise you will be coming out of there as soon as you go in. This will really help your mood and your skin.

As well as spending fun times with the baby, interacting, playing games and turning a crying fit into calmness and everything else..have a day to yourself at least once a month where you can go and meet with friends or even by yourself to have coffee do some shopping have lunch just to refresh, try to plan so you can have your partner home to do the baby sitting or a good friend or family member you know you won't worry about, set a date and plan.

1.  Dior - skinflash  2.Nars - creamy concealer  3.YSL - Touche eclat  4.L.A Girl concelar

A little concealer goes a long way especially if you need a pick me up when your skin needs a little coverage, under eyes usually! These four products work amazing and some are a little more on the pricey side but the LA Girl right at the end is a drugstore brand at around £3 - 4. The formula is one of the best I have tried from drugstore and it works wonders! You can work a little concealer under your eyes around your nose and on any blemishes you may have very lightly it will take you about 3 mins and you will look more awake and polished!

So there are my four tips, I hope this helps some of you out there or at least gives you some ideas on what you would want to do for yourself, please feel free to message me with any tips you may have or products you use that are a must.

Yasmin x

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