Tuesday, 23 February 2016

S w a t c h e s | Dose of colors | La splash liquid lipsticks | review & comparision

So I have been after the Dose of colours Matte liquid lipsticks for a while and in the UK they had just seem to be out of stock all the time, I got the shade Bare with me and Truffle so I was delighted and am still after the shade stone as it is such a lovely colour. I also got one of the LA Splash Lip couture matte liquid lipsticks in the shade Ghoulish to try out, which is a really cool tone with slight purple over some brown tone as it looked super pretty. 

So both Lip products I really liked and they both sat well on my lips and stayed on all day, they are both waterproof and dry into a velvet matte finish. Now in comparison The Dose of colors seems to be a little more comfortable in wearing and not as dry a LA Splash but if you just apply a little chapstick, it is absolutely fine.

The staying power of both products are pretty amazing and both did a good job, The application of the Dose of colors is slightly better because there is a stopper for excess products getting picked up on the applicator which the LA Splash one didn't have and the applicator shape and angle of the dose of colors I kind of preferred overall.

To remove these of your lips you will require an oily cleanser I actually use my eye make up remover and this works for me. Dose of colors do recommend not to eat oily greasy food while wearing it and this is because it would take some product off, however I did wear it to a asian wedding and had a bit of oily and fried food at the starter I couldn't resist the samosas and potato cakes, and it was fine just wipe your lips of any oil and grease using a baby or wet wipe and re-apply if needed.

Price wise the Dose of colors is 14.50 for 4.5g and LA Splash is 11.25 for 3ml.
Dose of colours is vegan- friendly and 100% Cruelty-free and formulated without Parabens and Gluten. However I am not sure about LA Splash I will have to research into it a little more.

They can both be purchased in the UK from BeautyBay.com

Right to Left, LA Splash Ghoulish, Dose of colours Truffle, Bare with me.

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