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Sunday, 15 May 2016

S h a r i n g | Barcelona

Ola, As you may know  - well its been a month now doesn’t feel like that, we went to Barcelona for a get away, I have shared some snaps on Instagram here and there but thought I would post with just a few photos, oh yes I did take a lot of photos but can't share them all ofcourse! 

Also I know its been a while and I have had a few posts that are still unpublished and will get round to working on them soon.. they will be on some tips for summer & outfit ideas so visit back soon..ok?!

Now for this trip update, so we went on Monday morning and arrived back in London Friday afternoon, I packed very carefully and made sure I chose items I could mix up. I ended up taking 2 pairs of culottes in Black and khaki a fitted thick jersey trouser in Black (so comfy) an Ivory waterfall leather jacket and a black fringed leather jacket as well as a few different T-shirts and satin high neck tops for evening wear, and my long shirt from whistles that is great to throw over anything, then added just a couple of other items included accessories, like sunglasses, jewellery and cover ups that went with everything.

The weather was pretty nice it was average round 21 Degrees mid day and was warm most of the time we was there, just about get away with wearing a t-shirt and leather jacket but adding flip flops. 

Food was amazing! And our little Munchkin can be a tad fussy sometimes and we didn't have any problems. Such lovely seafood in so many resturants, We actually went to a lovely seafood restaurant on our second night for our anniversary dinner which was very intimate and the food was fresh and cooked to perfection we ordered a whole sea bass to share (even the little one enjoyed the flavours) and mix seafood paella, we also went to this amazing restaurant on our last night called Balthazaar, which I know they have in London, but was an amazing experience! And the Tapas bars and small street restaurants didn’t let us down, it was lovely to stop off after long walks to have drinks and a few small mixed dishes and our favourite prawns, soup, and bread sitting outside.

I will try and compose a list of names of good places to eat and get some photos for a separate post soon including other cool eat out places in London too.

Things I would recommend would be – worth Visiting:

Catedral de Barcelona
 - such lovely detail in the architecture and amazing to look at and take great photograpahy.

Gothic Corner – which is a part of an old city in Barcelona a lot of the buildings date from the medieval times and the atmosphere is great just so much character, and you can really feel the era of the city, Lovely to take a walk down and spend some time there and grab some good gelato.

The Picasso Museam is worth a visit if you are an vivid art fan like me or not, it has some of Pablo Picasso's work, which has been divided into different periods of his career, you go from room to room viewing some great artwork, and don't forget to look up..the ceilings are beautiful. 

There are loads of other places included various shopping malls and historic and Art locations to go to, you won't be short on things to do and it is very baby and child friendly here.


Oh here are few snaps before I get carried away, and you can check my Insta page for a few more photos! 


Beach restaurant full of seafood!

The details..

This was our drink out here..

Yasmin x

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