Saturday, 26 November 2016

C h u n k y | knitwear and flowy pleats...

How are you all? Today we was up pretty early for a weekend and decided to head out for some weekend tea and look around a vintage market not too far from where we live. I was in search for a specific plant pot but didn't really have much luck after looking around, We also headed over to a really old good junk shop that I love nosying around in and found a really cool table that I was lusting after - the hubby convinced me however that we didn't need another table so it was left behind...for now!  I did see some other cool things - I turn into a kid in a candy shop in this environment. Afterwards we just enjoyed the day out and as it gets dark rather quickly now decided to do some outfit pictures early on before we got going. I went for grey tones and felt rather girly in this flowy chiffon pleated skirt and this super soft oversized jumper, This outfit was the right amount of pretty because you prob already know I don't really do the all out pretty girl look...

Here are some snaps, much love:

Yasmin x
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