Sunday, 20 November 2016

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I was delighted to attend an event which I was invited to by the Modest fashion London & Sumo events, The event was organised by Sumo_events (also on Instagram) and Souad the host was so lovely and welcoming she had a great energy all evening and to me that makes all the difference as were the other ladies who were there helping and part of the organising. It was a lovely evening filled with some great speakers, poets, makeup and beauty tips and yummy food and cakes made fresh by some great sister. There were a few companies that did sweet treats, they were all so good and they all looked super amazing, they did a really good job with there presentation and cake decorations.
mimis_sweet_treatz (instagram) do cakes and sweets for all occasions and events and there table layout was spot on and aswell as hunnyscakes (Instagram) also had some lovely cakes I even took some home with me their walnut cake was scrumptious and they do veg and vegan too - both companies are halal. 

The event was held in a beautiful venue in London Mayfair and the building had a lovely glam but cosy brit feel about it. We started of the evening by taking some photography of outfits and brands - had a good time to talk to other sisters and bloggers which was really nice. We then took our seats for some great speakers likes of Natasha hayles who really empower and help other women in the form of life coaching and confidence building and poetry by a beautiful sister yasmin nomad, it was overall such a positive uplifting vibe, there was even a turban wrap challenge which was very fun to watch, The absolute gorge Sagaleeyaa (Instagram) and vibrant host souad had us laughing so much. I was very kindly gifted a scarf by a new brand Nia Suki (also on Instagram) they had a really pretty range which was also very affordable. I got a lovely black chiffon hijab although they had some super pretty prints and colours....But you know me..the fabric feels really good and it's a good classic which I can see myself wearing,  you will most likely catch me wearing it on Instagram.
Some photos for your viewing:.....

Yasmin x

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