Saturday, 24 December 2016

C a p e | feeling and lace up boots.

This is possibly the last outfit post of the year! You have most likely heard this already but - how fast has this year gone? I actually remember New years 2016 so well! But thinking about it now a lot has happened in this year and it's always good to look back at the year and all the seasons and events to remember and see what you have done, learnt, seen....

So looking forward, anyone doing anything for new years 2017? are you the type to head out? or stay at home and chill? I am a bit of both..however New years I tend to stay in especially more now, I just feel being nice and cosy and having some good food and having fun is the ultimate perfected combo for me, after all who wants loud sounds and large crowds outside or in tight small spaces and cold winds, and the hijab blowing all over the place while you struggle to walk without bumping into someone and the feeling of tiredness coming home after midnight (woah mouthful)- ? hey?.....or maybe thats just the grandma in me talking now.. - But you know, unless it's a large event indoors, now i'm talking soiree or a ball of some sort (Cinderella stuff) and even then I have to be convinced -  I tend to stay in for New years and also being a mum now that's always easily the best option for us..I always make those cute little snacks and drinks.

So we went out to get a few things before the holiday and get a bite to eat for lunch couple of days ago, I wore my much loved grey jumper which is oversized and super soft with a top underneath and a black cape jacket - I love anything cape! The boots are quite old but I love them and these are one of those things that I have kept for a long time. So I hope you like and do have a blessed New year from me to you..start on a positive thought and think about all the things to be grateful for, for there is so much.

Much love:

Cape | similar @ Lavish Alice or Forever21
Knitwear | H&M
Bag | Moonsoon / Accesorize 
Boots | over 4 years old (Thigh high)

Yasmin x
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