Sunday, 11 December 2016

L o n g | knitwear and tailored pinstripes.

It was comfort galore in this super long knitted jumper that I literally want to live in these days, plus it has a hood so plus points for that since I dont own many items that are hooded..Today was just a chilled day as we have had a busy week we really just wanted to wind down and do something calm and go with the flow! However we live in London and everything is still buzzing especially on a December weekend, but it is lovely to see. We took the little munchkin out for a quick bike ride as she really wanted to ride her bike, we had put it away since it's been getting much colder in London and we used it mainly in the summer but after her repeatedly saying Bike! bike - Mummmmy! - before we head out we took it out for her to play with and in a spacious area let her go around and enjoy herself for a little while...Then after tiring her out, we just went around the city and looked at the pretty lights that are up around this time - just super pretty.

I had a blanket scarf with me too but just for the outfit viewing I left it out, it's ok - I survived.

Scarf | Random Jersey
Long Knitted Jumper | H&M
Bag | Stella McCartney
Boots | TK Maxx

Here are some pics!:

Yasmin x
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