Sunday, 4 December 2016

M o d e s t | Fashion collection viewing and Lunch.

I arrived at the venue for the Bloggers Luncheon to support a new brand Sanrouf (Also on instagram) which I had been looking forward to very much since the invite, I arrived to be greeted by one of the prettiest venues I have seen in a long time! The event was held in Chelsea, Gloucester road to be precise and in a venue named Fait Maison which by the way I recommend you take a visit down to for the best fresh cakes, tea and food! I met with the Lovely Sanjana the owner of Sanrouf she has such a welcoming smile and I was so lucky to learn all about her brand story and view the 2016 collection. I got to meet some lovely sisters who blog / youtube / instagram which you have probably seen on my instastories already - some of who I have met before and some for the first time. We took some photos with our wonderful chosen pieces by Sanrouf which was gifted to us to try and take home along side a fab goodie bag filled with treats and Sanrouf branded goodies, I chose a lovely printed cape which I must say I adore (check it out in my instagram). It is a little colour for my wardrobe but in the right way, the lovely violet shade goes well with my love of black so will be having fun with this in the spring I'm sure! The pieces included in this current collection had embellishment, print and lace with a variety of colour to offer. Although you probably already know I don't often wear bright colours however the collection was pleasing to the eye and I got to check out the fabrics and embellishments which I do love and Sanjana has mentioned that her next collection is going to be very neutral and will have more one colour pieces included which is really exciting to hear, It is an affordable brand compared to a lot of modest brands around with great designs which I sometimes feel lower priced brands can lack and I am definitely looking forward to the future collections! (especially the neutral one)

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I am wearing: voiletta-cape 

Here are some photos, Much love:

Yasmin x
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