Sunday, 8 January 2017

A l l | Black everything.

All black eveything...It always works right? I think its such a chic thing to wear and it is perfect for any occasion - personally. How has your first week of Jan been? Happy New year to those of you who don't follow my Instagram! for those who do you have most likely already seen my posts on New years and the rest! I thought for the first post I would dress in my fave outfit colour - Ofcourse! I know what you're thinking..she always wears a lot of black anyway. However I am...wait for it..............going to be adding a little colour for you guys in my coming outfits - I am pretty certain it's happening and I have a few items in mind so I am looking forward to sharing that with you. Rather excited if I must say so myself...I don't dislike colour infact I think the right colours and the correct pieces and textures can work fab together, I just feel that muted tones add a very chic element to a look and I feel good in them. Ok so on a different note - have you guys made any New years resolutions? or goals? - I like to put them..I have a few and I guess adding a few shades and updating my wardrobe is one..Another is to start reading again, I used to read loads and since becoming a mama I tend to only read children's books or magazines lol so really want to get back into my own books too..Another thing would be to learn even more bout my faith and do more things that fulfil me through my faith as it just brings so much peace and that's always a good thing. 

Heres some outfit photos from Lunch, hope you like!

Light Coat | H&M
High neck dress | H&M
Bag | YSL Saint Laurent
Suede Boots | Next

Yasmin x
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