Monday, 16 January 2017

E t h n i c | prints on stripes.

Didn't I say I would bring you some colour? well here it is..I went for this print mixing look because I have always been a fan of it, it just makes the outfit a little more interesting and I love ethnic prints. The Peplum top you see here is from H&M, it was in the sale and was just under £5! I really want to start looking for these bargin pieces for you guys especially when it's pieces like this. You may or not already know I am not a huge shopper although I do love to shop..I have in the last couple years been super disciplined and only buy items I will wear loads and try and keep a organised and collected wardrobe - That being said I do buy the odd trend piece that I know I won't necessarily wear in the next season so will always try and get a good deal on these items for that very reason..

I wore my H&M lightweight coat and I do now have mixed feelings about this piece, although I like the length and design I am not a huge fan of the fit, the pockets I feel are a little too high up for my liking and the buttons..well..I don't really like the visible pop buttons and it bugs me like crazy so will most likely remove them..(Fussy I know)...and it creases very easily but then I kind of knew this from the fabric...

Converse you know I was in my comfort zone these are so trusted and I know they are dirty and old but I love them! My make up you will see is just a 10 min do..and it rained on me! but you know that quote, the one that goes something in the rain and all that..yeah that one, just thought of that at the time.

Here are some pics!:

Yasmin x
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