Monday, 30 January 2017

G r e e n | feels in the home.

So a couple of months back I decided to have a little re-vamp at home, we originally had a lot of black and white and a lot of textured items and accessories to create dimension and make it more interesting to look at and feel. The little one is getting to the point of having her own room and although she was sleeping in our room for the longest time her things where in another room which I didn't really decorate how I wanted, we used it as an office at first then has just been a guest room with light grey walls, dark floors and white accessories. I was really gearing towards dusky pinks, whites and beiges with a vintage ballerina influence, then decided to maybe go for a darker wall as I really liked the look of it and Pinterest basically just confirmed this for me lol. When looking for a dark wall paint I randomly came across this company who does some amazing colours and then rather spontaneously went for this Dark green..It was calling my name and something really drew me to this shade, I am now happy I did as I am kind of getting out my mostly monochrome and no colour phase which I adapted after giving birth - ..The green adds a little something and makes me happy. I decided I would do a Green, black, bring some natural tones from baskets and wooden accessories, light white washes and bold metallics which I love, for this room, some African and Asian influences because that basically describes our household so well our aswell as our backrounds..the Munchkin loves animals so animal prints and safari influences is a winner. 

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