Saturday, 28 January 2017

C o n t e m p o r a r y | cuts and spring ethnic bag influences.

Hi all......hope you have all had a super fab week and if not so much then make this one count, get ahead on your something nice for yourself and do at least one you day this week ok? - ok mum moment over....How beautiful is this bag? let me know..? actually I know already it's actually a gift from my sister from another mother (bestie) who got it from Nigeria, it is hand made and it's so special. So heading out I was wearing my high neck dress by H&M and my long suede boots because it was freezing let me tell you! My make up was just dewy 5 min do near enough non existent so lets not talk about that..but hey I got everything I needed to do done so plus point right? Once that was out the way, Stopped over for some coffee and lunch and I did a spontaneous much needed shop at Zara afterwards, my wardrobe needed a few pieces that I had in mind and I pretty much found what I liked quickly..So I felt pretty good about that as recently I have found myself going into stores and not seeing much I like at all and have been just adding things in baskets online and not actually fulfilling it..story of my life. But with spring approaching I would like to add a few lighter pieces for the hopefully sunny weather. Remember guys don't panic buy for spring, plan what you need and try figure out what you're really into and feeling at the moment and just take time and look for those pieces like sure you might see something randomly you like and thats cool its all the fun, I usually get inspo by browsing online, looking at designer collections and basically going for shapes that I feel good in. Have a look in your wardrobe and see what you can still wear for next season and then buy things that you can wear with those and pieces you don't have already..

Much love.

Yasmin x
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