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Sunday, 15 January 2017

P a m p e r | your sensitive skin and product tips for redness.

Girls! So if you are following me on Instagram you know the whole story of my super sensitive skin and how I have been getting these reactions from certain products ( Rosacea like ) breakouts and always have to be super careful even with face washes and cleansers I use. I have found anything can trigger it from lack of sleep, heat, makeup up, wrong cleanser type, warm lighting especially studio type. Now with trial and error I have found some products that have helped and also don't react badly with my skin type. And for all those waiting for the big reveal of the Face mask the amazing one that I found it is *Drumroll*.. The Mario Badescu Whitening Mask I am not one to hype about products when they are just ok but this is more than ok - it is great, it's fab! I have seen a difference after two uses and it has helped tremendously with the bad reaction I had over the past couple of days and helped with a little discoloration that I had from a previous spot to reduce it. There are also other masks and products by Mario Badescu so will now definitely look into those to try. After my first use I noticed that my skin was smoother and the redness had reduced, the second use I noticed it had almost banished most of the redness and my skin felt so much fresher, calmer and not so irritated. I would definitely recommend this mask, so if you have troublesome skin do try this one out and see. Here are a few other products that I have used and liked..there are a few more but will maybe do a post soon with more ideas and tips, I would recommend trying brands - khiels, bioderma, cetaphil, Dermalogica (little more pricey), and the ones shown below. I have found these don't irritate my skin and help when I do get one of those days. P.S the black scatter is a cleanser by Lush called Dark angel which is good for a squeaky clean feeling without all the chemicals and skin reacting additives, Natural Aloe vera gel which you can find in most health stores can immediately sooth irritated skin too and it's safe for children.

Yasmin x

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