Monday, 23 January 2017

S t r i p e s | & Layers

Finally got to put this outfit post up! I have been a little busy over the last couple of days so kind of delayed the bloggy - so how are you guys? I feel like everytime I do a blog post I am talking to you guys and we have a connection right?... right?.....Well I think so anyway and I am so glad that I got some new pics for you guys as this outfit post was a challenge I tell you! I had the little munchkin toddler princess with me and she was not in a good mood this day..a little hungry for snacks and just ''No photos mummy!'' today mood - I had to be super quick but luckily I got a few, so we got there..I layered this thin black vest over my blue comfy shirt, the shirt was actually supposed to be coming out the bottom but you know..after carrying your child and picking them up in between snaps it had just raised up and I literally had no idea! but it still looks ok, oh and these stripe long culottes I do love them they are from Marks & spencer and they add a little statement to any yeah here they are, I hope you like! p.s do follow me on Instagram if you're not already..! Much love.

Yasmin x
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