Sunday, 19 February 2017

LMFW | 2017

Delighted isn't even enough to describe the feeling when I was invited to attend the London Modest fashion weekend, I was super duper excited for this huge modestwear event. It was held at the iconic Saatchi Gallery over the weekend 18th and 19th Feb hosted by Hauteellan. I had a ticket to attend both days but unfortunately was only able to attend the Sat 18th so I was sure to make the most of it! Luckily I got there quite early and had a real good look around at all the designers and their beautiful collections and got to meet many fab designers personally. I feel Modest fashion has evolved so much over the years and this was confirmed here, I saw more than just abayas and long skirts and this was refreshing to me - Not saying there's anything wrong with that combo as I do love abayas and long skirts and they are fab and modest - but it's not something I would personally wear everyday so it was a nice to see a mixture. I was there supporting a great brand Feradje who had an amazing collection so do go check it out online! So ofcourse I needed my daily dose of tea midway, so myself and a lovely sister Bubblegumhijab went and sneaked off for a little while and had a lovely cream tea to get our energy up, she had an interview with Aljazeera straight after so that was rather exciting! I was lucky enough to witness the amazing collections on the Catwalk (Front row seat) So luckily was able to see every detail and get good photos. I loved some of the African inspired designs and the prints were calling me! My phone was dying towards the end I and wasn't able to put up much footage on my Insta stories but some of you may have seen some from the catwalk that I did. I got to meet some amazing bloggers some of who I have met before and the likes of Nabillabee, Dina tokio & Zukreat (who sat opposite), Sagaleeyaa, and so many more to name, the ladies and the vibe was so positive..overall a great modest fashion event and hopefully more to come in London!

I did get sone snaps, so here they are, hope you like:


Yasmin x
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