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S k i n c a r e | routine collab

Hey girls, so i'm doing a collab post today with Aya from Milanpyramid (on Instagram) we wanted to share our skincare with our readers as we both love skincare and beauty and it will give you an insight on our routines since we are different skin types - so be sure to check out my one on her blog: post 

I hope it's helpful and you enjoy! 

By Milanpyramid:

Buongiorno and Bismillah,
Hi everybody! Yes, I'm finally talking about my skin care routine. But first, let me introduce you to my face *insert creepy emoji here*: I have sensitive skin, very acne prone, oily in the T zone and dry on the cheeks. 


Step 1 – Removing the make up. The best thing I tried during the years is coconut oil. It is super gentle and it breaks down any, ANY KIND OF MAKE UP. I take a few spoons of the 1kg container and put them in that mini glass jar to not contaminate the whole product. And then I take a little bit, you don't need much, and massage my face until everything melts down. Just google it and you will find a list of endless benefits of coconut oil. I literally use it for everything, body lotions, cooking, cleaning your teeth, for your hair etc. 

Step 2 – Cleansing. Water and oil don't mix that's why you can't remove the coconut oil with just water. And of course it wouldn't be enough to completly clean the skin. When it comes to cleansers I think that everyone should try a few products before sticking to one. And this is the one for me "African Black Soap". THE BEST CLEANSER I'VE TRIED. I have never heared/seen any bad reviews about it. It is completly natural and it contains essential elements for acne prone skin. I extremly suddgest it. I just cut the big block in pieces and use them like you see in the pic.

Step 3 – Scrub. ATTENTION PLEASE: DO NOT SCRUB YOUR FACE EVERYDAY. I only do it twice a week after doing it every, for the last few years, I finally understood that you don't f*cking need it. Three ingredients: Tumeric, Orange, Coffe. Tumeric has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that fight pimples and breakouts and makes your skin glowy. Orange juice are good because they improve the skin tone and it is packed with antioxidants. I sometimes change it up and use lemon juice instead but it's a bit stronger. Coffee helps with activating new skin cells and increases the elasticity, it soothes inflammation that can be caused by acne. I usually do it under the shower when the pores are open from the warm water.

Step 4 – Toner. Wash the cleanser very good away and then take a cotton pad with some witch hazel and suck them fat pores in. At this point usually my used cotton pad is clean af. Witch hazel is magic for acne! It can sting a little bit at the beginning because it contains alcohol. I know alcohol is bad for the skin but it helps the witch hazel taget to bacteria that lead to acne.

Step 5 – Special Treatment. This is a night cream by Neutro Roberts for intense repair and anti-aging. It is 95% natural. This is really good, you can feel it working on your skin with just the tiniest bit of product. I use it every other night and alternate between it and coconut oil. Some nights I go to sleep with my face soaked in coco oil. And others I just put this cream on and wake up the the most flawless skin! If I skip my night routine (I'm human forgive me), or decide to not wear make up, I usually use this as moisturezer in the morning.

These steps are inspired from the korean beauty, I just summed all their 10 steps in 5 and I think these are really essential. I don't care how you remove your make up at night but you have to go to bed without makeup and with at least anything hydrating. Because at night is when your skin cells work the best so you have to feed them!


Step 1. Wash my face with water.

Step 2. Scrub my lips. Yep, all my scrubs are home made. You will need a teaspoon of sugar, one of cinnamon and 2 of almond oil (mine is from Egypt so ignore the arab written on it). Cinnamon helps pumping them lips with blood to make them look a hella juicy. Sugar to get rid of the dead dry skin, and almond oil is a pretty heavy oil that will hydrate them deeply.

Step 3 – moisturize. I don't really moisturize in the morning because I do it very deeply at night. So I use this Garnier Miracle Eye Cream with spf, and this Fairness Cream on my acne scars to make them fade faster. Do not worry it doesn't contain bleach!!!

A lot of beauty gurus say that you always nee to moisturise even in the morning but thanks to my night routine I wake up in the morning with a pumped, soft super hydrated skin, Alhamulillah.

And if any of you know a way to remove facial hair ( don't worry I don't have a beard, I'm talking about peach fuzz) please contact me! Because I've tried waxing but my skin is too sensitive and I'm scared to have  a razor touching my face lol.

This is it. The best skin care advice I can give you is to GO NATURAL AND BE GENTLE.

Here is where you can find these products and some alternatives to them:

black african soap:
the body shop:

witch hazel:
rose water:

night cream:

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