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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

T h e | way to modest dress wearing slits.

Salam & hey all, I thought I would share this super quick and easy way to wear slits. I know you're probably thinking it's only slits what advice could you give? But you would be surprised to see how many girls struggle to get a good look when wearing them, you don't have to opt for the basic legging like I will explain. I have heard a lot of girls say they cant wear dresses because of the slits and it can be super annoying not being able to find a dress in a style you like without the slits. You can sew the slits up which is an option, but the problem sometimes you may face is that it doesn't always sit well when sewn up and to be honest with you I feel by leaving the slits open adds a beautiful flare and here's a few tips you can follow to be modest while wearing the slits: 

On this occasion I wore my high slit dress with a tailored tapered trouser, this particular look can worn day or evening if you just remove the top for something else this dress had no sleeves! If you have a beautiful evening dress in satin, silk, or chiffon the last thing you want to do is add a legging for the evening. I would suggest trying different trouser types. Tapered works well for all shapes and depending on the slit height and the look you want to go for you could probably get away with a lot of shapes, it is worth trying them out.

Heres a few shapes of trouser to try:

Tapered trouser which is not slim but fitted enough and goes with everything.

culottes - you could do this type of bottoms as they can look really chic, you can get them in different lengths but most likely you would want one that hits just above the ankle or ankle if you prefer that.

skinny slim fit - which is usually very tapered close to the leg, this type of trouser can look especially good when you have a shorter side slit or a front opening. I tend to add a heel with this..

A wide leg trouser which are super comfy. They are full length and by wearing a heel or wedge can really elongate you. I would advise my shorter ladies to add a heel as with a dress this look could swamp you. 

If you really dislike the feel of trousers and don't wear them much, instead of opting for the legging go for a trouser with a part elasticated waist band - there are so many available and some trousers even come in fabrics that have little stretch in them for extra comfort.

Also look out for different textures this can add a nice style especially if you have a plain dress and want to add a little something, - pleated, satin, crinkled...

colourwise it is really up to you, I would suggest going for a similar colour palette to your dress. So if your wearing a white dress go for creams, metallics, browns, tans....Pink dress? you could go with similar pinks, peaches, whites, creams..

For the day you could even throw on a par of jeans with slit dresses which I personally am a fan of, I love adding distressed jeans or frayed hems that cut at the ankle as they give such a well put together but effortless look...

I hope this post has shed some light and somewhat helped on how to wear slits..

Yasmin x

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