Monday, 15 May 2017

T h a t | good Malaysian cuisine in London ft Melur London.

As Malaysian cuisine is becoming more popular and i'm also a fan I was happy that I had the pleasure of having good food with a beautiful bunch of girls at Melur which is situated in Edgware road. It  wasn't too hard to find although there was some construction outside which means you can miss it but this wont be here for too long, but it is basically at the end of the road which makes it easy and they have a street sign out.

Once we were inside you have to go down the stairs to enter the restaurant, the staff are really friendly and even with kids you will be accommodated.

The decor inside is pretty relaxed and dim lighting. We started of with some traditional drinks which included, the famous flower tea which is super pretty - the taste is very much like green tea. We had a Milo chocolate drink which was basically a milky chocolate drink, this one would be a hit with kids! then there was two rose syrup drinks one with dairy and jelly one without both yum if you like rose - it is a must try! We had a lemon mint mocktail which is nice a refreshing..they have a really good menu for drinks something for all tastes.

Then was the food, the staff here are super friendly and so welcoming you almost feel at home. We had a variety of dishes and they actually do a lunch special deal which is good and the priced very reasonably. All their dishes are fully Halal even the duck, which in some restaurant's is not. There is a wide seafood and vegetarian range of dishes available too and the chefs can take special orders as we were told.

We had for mains - Mee marang mamak (mamak fried noodles), Curry ikan (fish curry) which was so delicous and full of flavour but very delicate, nasi campur (fish of two tastes - in a sweet sauce with rice, kuey teow goreng ( flat rice noodles which were delicious), satay chicken with a rice, Daging goreng sambal (Fried beef in sweet chilli),  Sambal kambing goreng - lamb chops with chilli.

The portions are very generous and it would even be a good idea to order different dishes as a group to share as you get to taste all the different flavours!

The puddings are very interesting and my fave was the fried banana with ice cream and a warm tapioca in a very light sugar and almost caramalised milk.

I would definitely recommend this resturant as the food was good quality and is it very family friendly and above all the staff gave great service and you feel very welcomed.

They are also open During Ramadan and I have been told they will be offering special dishes everyday for Iftar so do check them out!

Yasmin x
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